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Free for landlords
As little as $1.95 for tenants

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Pay rent online multiple ways

Bank Account

$1.95 flat fee

Credit Card

2.9% Service Fee

Debit Card

1.9% Service Fee

Cash and Check payments can also be entered into the Rentler system for full coverage reporting.

Fast Funding

Rent is deposited into a landlord’s account in two business days after being submitted.

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Split rent payments

Multiple tenants can split payments across their own accounts.

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Late fee options

Landlords can choose a grace period (or not) and an automatic late fee will be applied.

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Free credit reporting

Tenants can build credit history by opting-in to free rent reporting.

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Automated reminders

Automatic reminders are sent to tenants each month before rent is due.

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Bank-Level Security

All banking information is stored in a PCI DSS compliant network.

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