How to Price Your Rental

If you’re planning to start renting your existing property or have recently purchased a property with the intention of renting it, congratulations! Rentals can be a lucrative investment that will repay you steadily over time. If you’re just starting out, you may be unsure how to price your rental. No need to worry, though. There […]

Property maintenance: Are landlords responsible for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?


One property maintenance question we hear often is, “Who is responsible for making sure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and up to code?” The short answer is, well…both. Landlords are legally required to install smoke detectors in almost every state and carbon monoxide detectors are mandatory for residential properties in 26 states. […]

How to market your rental listings in 2018

rental listings

Making money on your rental means ensuring it’s full at all times and that your profit margins are right. While winter isn’t the best time for posting rental listings, you can still use the downtime to re-think the way you fill your vacancies. Whether you’re new to renting your place or you’re just anticipating a […]

5 free property management tools every landlord should be using

free property management software tools

It makes perfect sense that the internet is inundated with discussions about the best property management tools for landlords. The opportunity to take renting from a side gig to a constant cash flow is the reason real estate investment is so appealing. It’s also why so many people are seeking a way to make renting […]

How to write an eviction notice

How to write an eviction notice

One of the most stressful situations a landlord can encounter is an impending eviction. If you’re facing a possible eviction, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re doing it the right way. Otherwise, you could end up with astronomical legal fees and a big loss in profit while your rental isn’t collecting income. Failure to follow […]

5 steps to protect your property before a natural disaster

5 ways to protect your property before a natural disaster

Natural disasters—and the damage they inflict—are unpredictable, and frantic preparation in the hours before a storm arrives can leave important tasks unfinished. If you own rental property in an area that’s at risk for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, or other natural events, take these preventive measures early and often to protect your investment. Make a […]

The two most appealing amenities to tenants

property management tips

Everyone knows that turnover is what kills a rental property investment. As a landlord, you want to have features that, first and foremost, create a long-term tenant. That’s the number one goal: to have a place with assets that appeal to people who are going to stay a long time. A lot of landlords are thinking about […]

Landlords: Here’s how to save on your water bill

property management software tips

No property manager wants to pay too much for water. However, if those costs aren’t kept in check through good practices, the results can be much worse than a costly bill. Just ask the residents of a condo in DeKalb County, Georgia. In February, the condo’s property management company threatened to condemn the building and […]

Ready to rent? Here’s advice from real property managers

property manager using rentler's property management software

As someone looking to become a property manager, your responsibility is to make sure everything runs smoothly while keeping your residents safe and happy. To some, this seems easy; but it’s not always smooth sailing when you’re trying to deal with numerous tenants and several complications at the same time, especially if you’re new at this. If […]

The key to avoiding fair housing lawsuits? Flexibility

how to avoid fair housing lawsuits

In the past few years, litigation and risk with Fair Housing issues have increased substantially. One of the reasons is that there will always be advocates for tenants who are on a crusade to stop landlords from denying people housing. They feel like every person should have a right to a housing opportunity. We feel […]

Raising rent without feeling guilty

property management advice

Year-over-year inflation means that raising rent is inevitable for most landlords. However, it can be hard to pass the financial burden along to tenants, especially if they’re long-term and have a good track record. Here are three ways to increase rent without resentment: Add a clause in your initial rent agreement. Telling tenants ahead of time […]

Why it’s important to do yearly maintenance checks

property management tips

It’s crucial to do a yearly maintenance check for a variety of reasons; sometimes tenants fail to report problems until they become disasters and sometimes you lose track of things that need to be updated around your property. Do these three things yearly to stay on top of your rental maintenance: Save money on utilities. […]