Tenant Background Check and Screening Services

Rentler offers the most comprehensive landlord background check services so you can find the right tenant.

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Tenant screening reports are only $35 and the landlord decides who pays.

Tenant credit check

Rentler gives you a detailed tenant credit report that includes all the important details- like a prospective tenant's credit score and payment history.

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Eviction history check

Each tenant screening includes a detailed history of any evictions, including when the eviction was filed and the full court information.

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Tenant background check

A tenant background search includes complete conviction history (including felonies and misdemeanors) and social security number verification.

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Bankruptcy history check

Knowing about prior bankruptcies, and when they occurred, can help landlords make an informed decision.

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How it Works

Receive a screening report about an applicant

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Make an informed decision about your new renter

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Tenant screening reports are only $35 and landlords can decide who pays.

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