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Our story

Renting can be painful. No one knows that better than us. Rentler was started by a group of landlords (and tenants!) who were frustrated at how much time it took to do simple things, like deposit rent checks and find the right renters to fill vacancies.

So they decided to change the industry.

Today, Rentler strives to fix the problems that come with renting by offering secure applications and screenings for rental listings, online rental payments, and the most up-to-date search results- all on a platform that’s free to join.


Rentler is an online property management tool serving landlords and tenants nationwide, processing thousands of applications and rental payments each month. Based in Utah, Rentler was founded in 2012 and has now reached over 1.3 million users in over 3,000 cities across the United States.

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Our mission

Created to help landlords and tenants form a symbiotic relationship, Rentler is a tool that focuses on changing the way people live. At its foundation, Rentler is a way to connect people through a process that can sometimes be painful and provide resources to help fill in the gaps.

Our values

We recognize that the most important factor in every rental relationship is the connection between people. Whether you're a tenant or a landlord we'll be with you through every step of the entire process. At Rentler, people come first. People like you.

Our products

Rentler offers support for DIY landlords and property managers by giving them tools to find the right tenants, collect rent online, access legal forms, and more. It also helps tenants navigate the rental process with digital applications, online rent payments, and rental listings that are easy to search— so that finding a home is exciting, instead of aggravating.





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