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Stop writing checks and start paying rent online. You can connect your bank account, or use a credit or debit card to pay - and your landlord gets notified instantly.

What it takes to set up payments.

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Once your landlord sets up a payment series, you’ll receive an invite email and a notification on your Rentler dashboard. You can also invite your landlord to start using Rentler to pay rent online.
Eliminate late fees forever. Set up recurring monthly rent payments to ensure your rent is paid on time every month.
Get rewarded for paying your rent at a low monthly cost of $6.95. We’ll automatically report your rent payments to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, so you can build credit history, month after month.

Why choose Rentler for your payment processing?

Roommate Payments

Stop relying on your roommates to make sure rent is on time. Split rent between everyone individually and pay your portion separately through Rentler.

Autopay Options

Set up monthly rent payments and avoid late fees. You’ll get an email each month to remind you before the money is pulled out, just in case.

Detailed Records

Keep track of all your completed payments, including deposits and special fees, for future reference.

Your Payment

Bank-level security means your personal information is safe

We’ve partnered with Stripe and Plaid to ensure our bank connections are secure and that your payment information is kept safe. Plus, we never keep your information (even for recurring payments). Just one extra step to make sure your data is secure.

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We use Stripe & Plaid to process your payments securely.

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It shouldn’t feel like a second job to live in a rental property. Rentler was made to simplify the process and help you and your landlord have a better renting experience.

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