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A tool built for landlords, by landlords

Rentler’s free property management software helps you see your entire rental lifecycle in one place.

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What’s Included

Rentler Applications
Collect Rent Online**
24/7 Customer Support
Maintenance Tracking
Rentler Screenings*

*Screenings are included for tenants who submit applications through Rentler for $45 and is good for 30 days of use.

*Standard processing fees still apply for tenants: $1.95 ACH Fee, 3.5% + $0.30 for debit and credit card payments.

A free and simple way to accept applications online

Managing rental listings can be tough. Juggling emails, asking for paper applications, and requesting information for screenings is always a long process. Now do it all in one place with Rentler. Just list your property and let applicants use our system to send you messages, apply to your property, and pay for a screening.

Free online rental payments with Rentler

Our free tool lets you set up a payment series including deposits, pet fees, late fees, or any other special fee you need to include. Once created, your tenants can pay online using bank deposit, a debit card, or a credit card*. And the money is deposited in your account within two days.

*Standard processing fees still apply: $1.95 ACH Fee, 3.5% + $0.30 for debit and credit card payments.

Rentability Report

You’ve had great tenants for years, but now they’ve moved out. How much should you rent your place for? With Rentability® Reports you can see what the local market looks like and list your place accordingly, so you know your price is fair and your profit margins are positive.

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