Collecting and Paying Rent is Free with Rentler

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Paying and receiving rent is one of the most stressful parts of the rental relationship. To make matters worse, paying rent online typically comes with transaction fees, but Rentler is changing that standard.

Starting November 27, 2018 paying rent online using Rentler is completely free of any transaction fees when a landlord and tenant both use ACH transfer. Plus, there are many other reasons to use Rentler to collect and pay rent:

Never deal with checks again. Paying rent via check is always complex. When you pay using Rentler’s online portal, you know your money is processed on time, withdrawn, and deposited without a trip to the post office or bank.

Flexibility to pay how you want. Paying by bank account may not work every month. As a tenant, you can still use your debit or credit card to pay rent for a small fee*. *A 1.9% transaction fee is applied to all debit card payments and a 2.9% transaction fee is applied to all credit card payments.

Build credit when you pay your rent online. Rentler has partnered with Experian to report on-time rental payments to the credit bureaus for tenants. This means each on-time payment helps tenants build credit history.

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